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Why my payment processed by G2APay get rejected and cancelled?

Credit Card payment is verified on multiple levels :
- User's bank
- Acquirer bank
- Payment Service Provider
- Payment Gateway

A payment can be rejected for various reason on any of those levels and it will happen when fraud security system flags the payment as possible fraudulent transaction.

Please make sure all the information related to your order is valid and has no mistake.

We suggest you
- Contact the bank for more information if a transaction fails
- Avoid using VPN, Proxy or any program granting online anonymity during checkout
- Avoid using credit card issued from a different country than the one your purchase is made in
- Avoid making several attempts within a short time-frame, though it is successful

Depending on the country of origin and currency, you can try to use alternative payment methods to credit card.

It's possible the fraud security system flags legitimate purchase and rejects your payment.

Kindly contact G2APay support at support@g2a.com for reason in this case.